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Cold Water
Storage Tank

Reduce the risk of flooding in your home
with a corrosion resistant cold water tank.

A selection of Cold Water Storage Tanks

The Benefits of Replacing Your Cold Water Storage Tank

Older houses may have galvanised-steel tanks installed which will eventually corrode. Larger cold water tanks also ensure you have sufficient water supply. Especially if you’re recently had an extra bathroom installed.

Larger Tanks

If you’ve recently added an extra bathroom to your home, you’ll need a larger tank.

protection against moisture

Corrosion Resistant

Our tanks are made of polythene. They don’t corrode. So there’s no flooding risk.

Only qualified RGII installers are used

Qualified Experts

Installed by qualified, accredited and experienced professionals. You’re in good hands.

Our Cold Water Storage Tanks

We have storage tanks in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit every space.

Cold Water Storage
Tank 27 Litre

Cold Water Storage
Tank 150 Litre

Cold Water Storage
Tank 230 Litre

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