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SEAI Better Energy
Home Scheme

With a wide range of grants available,
there’s never been a better time to upgrade your home.

About the SEAI Better Energy Home Scheme

The Better Energy Home Scheme is a grant programme run by the Sustainable Energy Association of Ireland (SEAI). The scheme is, in fact, a series of different grants that are awarded to homeowners and landlords for carrying out energy-efficient works to their homes.

Insulation Grants

Cut down on heat loss
by 30%.

Solar & Thermal

Get 50%-60% of your
hot water…for free

A More Comfortable Home

Heating Controls

Reduce your energy use by up 20%

Bonus Grant

Complete 3 or more grants and receive an additional top-up grant

Upgrade Your Home & Save

There is a wide range of grants to choose from.

Efficiency Measures Apartment
01 Attic Insulation €400 €400
02 External Wall Insulation €2,750 up to
03 Internal Dry Lining Wall Insulation €1,600 up to
04 Cavity Wall Insulation €400 €400
05 Heat Pump System up to
up to
06 Heating Controls Upgrade €700 €700
07 Solar Water Heating €1,200 €1,200
08 Solar Electricity Grant up to
up to
Happy couple standing outside thier house with External Wall Insulation

Benefits of SEAI Better Energy Home Scheme

After completing work on the SEAI Better Energy Home Scheme, the benefit that surprises people most is not the money savings – it’s about the new relationship they have to living and moving about their home. Cosy is a word that comes up a lot when we talk to customers. Comfortable is another one.

It makes sense. We spend some of the most valuable parts of the day in our homes. It’s where we rest. Where we connect with our family. Where we share stories of the day with our children, partners and if we’re honest, our pets. Having a home that’s warm, cosy and comfortable helps enhance all those little moments that make up our day. After all, your home is your castle.

How We’ll Work With You

We like to keep things straightforward. The process is simple. We’ll have a quick chat, organise a free assessment and do most of the paperwork.

01. Talk To Us

Remove the guesswork and hours of Googling about Insulation by talking to one of our (very friendly) customer support team. They’ll help you better understand the grant application process. They’ll advise you on the best measures to improve the warmth and comfort of your home.

Churchfield Customer Care team in the office

02. Decision and Application

Once you have decided to apply for the Better Energy Homes Scheme, we can take it from here. We’ll organise everything. A technical assessment. Hiring a contractor to carry out works. We’ll also handle most of the paperwork and guide you through the SEAI application.

Man standing in kitchen with external wall insulation

03. Quotation and Relaxation

The surveyor complete’s a survey of your property and sends our team at head office the specifics of your requirements. With this information, we’ll generate a price quote for you. If you decide to go ahead with the insulation measures – we’ll do all the paperwork and arrange everything. So you don’t have to.

Two Chirchfield construction workers standiong on scaffolding

Why Pick Us?

There are a number of reasons. The one we’re most proud of is that it’s been our past customers who have picked us. They pick us for their friends. Their community groups. And their businesses. It’s their recommendations we’re most proud of.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism. We aim to always do what we say we’ll do. When we say we’ll do it. That ethos permeates the company, from Noel our founder and Managing Director to our building contractors, sales staff, accounting department, tech support and marketing.

It also helps that we’re registered partners with the SEAI, Electric Ireland, Flexi-Fi and accredited through the NSAI.



Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply? Is it means tested?

In broad terms, if you own a property as a landlord or homeowner in Ireland that was built pre 2006, you qualify.  The grant is not means tested.

Do I get the grant money? Or does Churchfield Home Services?

If you are using Churchfield Home services as your counter-party (fancy way of saying that we’ll represent you on the grant application), you don’t receive the money directly. The grant amount is used to lower the cost of energy efficiency measures.

For example. If you apply for the Better Energy Home Scheme and are eligible for a grant amount of €6,000, we’ll deduct that from your overall bill. If the quotation for works carried out was €12,000, this means the final price you’d pay is €6,000. (€12,000 cost of works – €6, 000 grant = €6,000).

Does it matter when my house was built?

It does. The grants are only available if your house was built before 2006.

Grants for Heat Pump Systems and Solar Thermal are available to all homeowners, including landlords, whose homes were built and occupied before 2011.

I HATE paperwork. Do I have to apply for the grant myself. Or can you apply for me?

We can do most the paperwork for you – but we can’t apply on your behalf. Sorry.

You’ll need to submit the actual grant application. Which we can guide you through. Once that’s done, we’ll take care of everything else.

Should you wish, you also have the option to apply for the scheme entirely on your own. This would involve managing all the paperwork and liaising with the various contractors and technicians. In this instance, grant money is paid out after the works have been completed. A BER assessment of the premises must be submitted to the SEAI after works have been carried out, to enable you to draw down the grant.

Once I’ve been approved for a grant, how is the money issued to me?

Great question. It depends on how you’ve gone about securing the grant. If you’ve done it through us, we’ll have handled most of the paperwork and deducted it from your final bill.

If you manage the end to end process yourself you’ll be able to draw down the grant amount once works have been completed and the property has undertaken a post upgrades BER audit.

Once approved, is their an expiration date on the grant offer?

The grant offer, once accepted, remains valid for six (6) months from the date of issue.

Will I need to sign a contract? Who do I sign the contract with?

Yes, you will need to sign a contract. If the works are carried out through Churchfield Home Services, your contract will be between you and Churchfield Home Services. If it’s not with us your contract will be with the contractor or contractors working on your behalf.

Why the contract? To directly quote the SEAI, “this is an explicit requirement for Contractors. It is there for the purpose of consumer protection and may help avoid disputes which might otherwise arise”.

Do you offer finance?

We do. Through our finance partners Flexi-Fi.

Flexi-Fi is a retail instalment payment plan facility, an easy alternative to paying with cash or credit card for your energy efficiency upgrades. Customers complete a simple, quick, online application form on any device and receive a credit decision in minutes.

Find our more about our finance options our our Flexi-Fi Finace Options page.

Love The Place You’re In

Transform your home.

External Wall Insulation-Wall Insulation Grants


Increase the comfort and value of your home. And reduce your heating bills by up to 30%.

The Benefits

  • €6472 in Grants
  • Reduced Heating Bills
  • A Warmer Home
Internal Wall Insulation-Home Insulation Grants


Internal Wall Insulation is a cost-effective method for insulating solid or hollow block walls. It prevents your home heat from escaping through your wall. And can save you up to 30% on your home heating bills.

The Benefits

  • Up to €2,800 in grants.
  • Reduced heating bills.
  • A warmer, more comfortable home.
Attic Insulation-Home Insulation Grants


Attic Insulation is a simple, effective method of insulating your home. Up to 30% of your home’s heat is lost through the roof. Attic insulation solves this. And can be done in less than a day.

The Benefits

  • Reduced Heating Bills
  • SEAI Grants Available
  • Low cost. High Gains.
Cavity Wall Insulation being pumped into a wall


Cavity Wall Insulation is an effective and efficient method of insulating your home, reducing heat loss through your walls by up to 30%.

The Benefits

  • You can claim up to €660 in grants.
  • Reduce your heating bill by up to 30%
  • Enjoy a warmer home and an increased BER
Window Replacement - Windows and Doors


By upgrading to energy-efficient windows you can reduce the amount of heat loss in your home. Significantly. And increase the comfort and appearance of your home.

The Benefits

  • Reduced Heating Bills
  • Protection Against Moisture
  • A Warmer Home
External Door Replacement - Windows and Doors


By upgrading to energy-efficient doors you can reduce the amount of heat loss in your home. Significantly. And increase the comfort and appearance of your home.

The Benefits

  • Reduced Heating Bills
  • Increased Security
  • A Warmer Home
Ideal Logic inside a kitchen


Boilers are like the heartbeat of your home. We understand that. It’s why we use only Registered Gas Installers of Ireland (RGII) engineers. Why we work with only the leading brands. And why we offer warranties on all our boilers.

The Benefits

  • Get an instant quote.
  • Next day fitting (where possible).
  • Spread the cost with a flexible finance plan.

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