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Demand Control

Imagine a living space with clean, fresh, air. All the time.
It’s possible with Demand Control Ventilation.

Demand Control Ventilation Unit in a kitchen

Demand Control Ventilation

While popular in Europe, Demand Control Ventilation is relatively new to Ireland. And it’s a total game-changer.

Better Air Renewal
For Greater Comfort

Enjoy fresh, clean air throughout your home

Protection Against

Eradicate the threat of harmful VOX’s like mould and mildew

Controlled Heating

Sensors determine the correct amount of airflow. Reducing your energy consumption

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Why You Need Clean, Fresh Air In Your Home

Breathing, dust and dander, cooking, chemical cleaning products and open fires all pollute the air you breathe. In your home. 

All these free-floating particles, coupled with the moisture that naturally occurs in your home, can combine to form a cocktail of microscopic, airborne pollutants. 

This is particularly significant if you suffer from a respiratory disorder. Like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). 

Your home is like a set of lungs. It needs to breathe and exchange old air with new air. 

What is Demand Control Ventilation (DCV)?

Demand Control Ventilation provides you and your home with the right amount of fresh air, when you need it.

DCV removes ‘old’ air from your home and circulates fresh air. At all times. In a draft free way.  

DCV units are sensitive to humidity. When the air in your home has an excess of moisture, air is automatically recycled with clean, fresh air. 

DCV’s are a fully ducted ventilation units. They can monitor carbon dioxide, humidity and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC… mould to you and me). Most have a ‘presence detection’ feature and will automatically re-circulate the air in a room once your presence is detected. In the same way photosensitive lights will turn on when you enter a room.

Additional Benefits

In addition to the better air quality and energy savings, Demand Control Ventilation also has some indirect benefits.

Close up shot of Demand control ventilation unit

Less Clogging of Filters

DCV contain filters than clean the air entering the house. Because the Aereco DCU units we install have a lower airflow demand than other DCV unit’s, there’s less clogging of the filters.  This means there’s less maintenance required over the lifetime of the units.

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Health Benefits

The living conditions inside many homes in Ireland are too humid. Which leads to the growth of VOX’s such as mould and mildew. If you suffer from allergies or respiratory diseases such as COPD, this is bad news. DCV removes this risk by circulating fresh, clean air throughout your house.

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Environmental Friendly

The Aeredo DCV units we use consume less electricity to operate than a standard DCU unit. So their carbon footprint is smaller. This is better for your pocket, your living space and the Irish environment. It’s a win-win.

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