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Solar PV &
Thermal Panels

The price of electricity is going up.
The price of oil is going up.
But the sun. Its energy is free.

Solar thermal panels on top of a roof in Ireland

Why Go Solar?

You can reduce your energy bills by 25%-30% with a Solar power system.

20-Year Guarantee

Our Solar systems carry a 20-year guarantee. How’s that for peace of mind.

Heats Your Water

Do you like to shower? Great!
Heat your hot water for free.

Save money on your heating bills

Money Well Spent

With grants of up to €3,800, you’ll spend a little. And save a lot. An awful lot.

Solar PV panels on top of a roof in Ireland

How Solar Panels Work

On average, a solar PV system can save between €200-300 per year on your domestic electric bill.

Solar panels that produce electricity are known as photovoltaic (PV). These panels work by capturing the suns energy using photovoltaic cells. It’s these cells that convert sunlight into electricity. 

PV panels don’t need direct sunlight to work. And they still produce electricity on cloudy days. Being Ireland, this is good news. Solar Panels also have a long shelf life. As the only moving part in a solar panel are the electrons, a panel will normally last about 20 years. 

Eager to learn more?  This TedED video gives a great overview.

Solar thermal panels on top of a roof in Ireland

Hot Water from Solar Thermal Collectors

The SEAI now provides a Solar water heating grant of up to €1,200.

Solar panels that produce hot water are known as solar thermal collectors or solar hot water collectors.  Solar Thermal is the use of solar energy to produce heat. Whereas Solar PV produces electricity. 

The biggest impact that Solar Thermal can have on your home? Massively reduced heating bills. Solar Thermal can account for up to 60% of your hot water needs. Great if you have a large family or lead an active lifestyle and use lots of energy heating hot water for showers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Solar PV & Thermal work in Ireland?

It does. 

Yes. We have a lot of cloudy days in Ireland. A lot of cloudy, rainy, windy days. Especially if you live on the west coast! 

Fortunately, Solar PV and Thermal systems work off diffused light. We get around 60% of our energy from indirect sunlight and the remaining 40% comes from the sun’s direct rays.

So, despite the cloudy days, there is still enough sunlight to produce hot water and electricity for your home.

Do I get paid for surplus electricity that I send to the grid?

Not at the moment. But it’s likely in the future that this option will become available.

How do I proceed?

Provide us with your Eircode or GPS co-ordinates. From that, we can normally see the space available for modules and confirm the price. Before installation, we will schedule and complete a technical survey of your home to plan the most efficient installation of your Solar system.

How long will installation take and is it disruptive?

Normally we will complete a domestic premises in one day. Most work is compelted outside the hoome. With some work required inside the home as we must connect into the fuse board. As a whole, the installation process is not very disruptive.

Do I need Planning Permission?

Irish planning rules state that for more than 12 m² of ‘solar panels’ you need planning permission. We have had no refusals to date. And can help you or your architect with sketches and scale drawings.

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